Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mouser space travel challenge

Good afternoon everyone, how is your weekend going so far?

   Today's post is to talk about a challenge I entered: the Mouser Space Travel Challenge; it is a contest where you are asked to submit a picture (and a 100 words text) on what you would send to the moon, of something you think represents today's world. Mouser will pick two winners and send their picture and texts on a SDcard, on the first commercial mission to the moon!. My picture and text can be seen below. The links to vote on my idea are right under the picture.

I would like to send a microcontroller-based weather station to the “Astrobotic’s MoonMail”. The reason is split in two parts: 1) monitoring the weather has always been (and will be even more) important to know and control human pollution levels (by measuring CO2 emissions) and overall global temperature rise; and 2) microcontrollers are an important part of the increasingly automated world we live in: from more efficient refrigerators to geiger counters (used to measure atomic radiation levels), everything uses microcontrollers!. Sending my weather station to the moon would make human essence eternal for ourselves.

If you want to help me out and vote for my idea, you have until 06/05/2015 to do so, in THIS LINK

Friday, April 3, 2015

Prizes won on giveaways and contests

Hey everyone, how are you doing today? I'm feeling great this week. 

   I am a very connected and active member of forums (Arduino, Arduino Brazil, ARM community), active twitter user ( @embedded_clovis ) and follower of a bunch of +Google+ channels; all those connections often lead to get to know prize posts, giveaways, contests and all kinds of social activities. 
   Ever since I started being more connected to technology blogs/forums/websites I have entered a bunch of contests, even winning prizes!. The very first of them was a +Freescale FRDM-K64F board (May 2014), which I won by commenting about a project idea on Freescale's Google+. I have used it to develop a weather station datalogger, which can be seen here. The board can be seen below.

   Next prize I have won (around September 2014) was a +HACKADAY Prize T-shirt, due to having my #HackadayPrize project selected to the quarterfinals. The project can be seen in this link, and the T-shirt picture is below.

   The year of 2015 started very well for me, because I have won three prizes so far: the first is the DFRobot's Bluno Beetle, an Arduino-compatible Bluetooth 4.0 board (ATMEGA328+BLE): I proposed a project idea using it, that read "A sensor node for road running (recording variables like GPS position, acelerometer and gyroscope data, temperature, humidity, altitude). My final goal is to generate a DIY road running wrist watch!". Keep tuned on this blog to get along the development of the project. 

   Second prize I have won so far is a NXP LPC4330-Xplorer boand, due to having subscribed to the ARM MCU desing contest, which aims to advertise the power of ARM+Keil short development cycle. The board (seen below) features a dual-core ARM Cortex-M4, making it very good for audio processing.

   Third prize I have won this year is a SAM4L8 Xplained Pro board, featuring an ARM Cortex-M4, on a Prize post at the ARM Embedded Community forum. I have proposed making a DAQ (data acquisition) system; stay tuned in this blog to get along the progress of development. 

   If you guys like, I also have a project on the 2015 Hackaday Prize (#2015HackadayPrize), which is an Open source weather station called FacilTempo, and can be seen here. I appreciate suggestions and critique, as well as new ideas.

FacilTempo weather Station

Monday, March 30, 2015

Tilt-based led light

Hello makers, readers and curious!

   I´m here today to bring you a sort of toy I have made for the Arduino Day (March 28th, 2015). It is a simple tilt-based LED light (images below), and despite the fact that it features no Arduino (!?), it made me proud of my maker capabilities!. 

   The working principle is simple: depending on the  position of the tilt ball switch, the LED lights or not; you can check the schematic below. I have used the following materials:

- 2x 1.5V coin cell batteries
- 1x 100R/ 0,125W resistor
- 1x 5mm red LED
- Soldering
- Glue, to put the batteries together :) 

The original idea came from my mom, which is a special children's teacher, and it intends to stimulate and entertain them, and help them learn quickly.

I have not tested the toy with children so far, but will be glad to share the results with you when I do. See you guys next time!.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Hackaday Prize 2015 !

Hello readers, how are you doing today?

   So I´m back to this blog after some time, now to spread the word about an incredible opportunity form the Hackaday website team: today is the beginning of a new Hackaday prize, the @HackadayPrize 2015!. This is a maker competition in which you can submit your idea to change the world (or just to water your plants more efficiently..), and for which there is a go-to-space first prize.

   I have entered a project in the 2014 edition, having reached the quarter-finals with mine `chip timing for running clubs´, you can see my project in here. For this year´s prize, I am planning to enter this open source weather station here, which features a bunch of sensors and communications options, all of that being supplied by a fraction-of-watt solar panel!.
   By the way, the 2014 champion was a project called satNOGS, satellite tracking stations. So if you guys have any project idea and would like to share it (and maybe win a trip to space and many other perks), enter the Hackaday prize now!. See you guys soon.

Monday, February 2, 2015

A bit more on Kickstarter Scams!

Hello loyal readers, how are you all doing?

   In today´s post I will talk again about those free-energy Kickstarter campaigns (projects that promise free electrical energy, bla bla bla); while editing the two previous post on the same theme, I started getting more and more interested in that subject: now I even try to think and understand by myself what makes those people create a campaign to fund a fantasy-like, free-energy project!. So let the games begin.

1- S.e.g. (electrical generator): they state "S.e.g. is short for super efficient generator, a clean, portable system providing electricity, good for outdoor filming sets, space.". Here is the link to the actual project on Kickstarter:

2- Hydro Electrical stand-alone generator complex: they state "A generator complex powered by an enclosed water system that puts in motion a series of generators". Here is the link to the actual project on Kickstarter:

3- Quantum Energy Generator Los Angeles: they state "Liberating Humanity from Oil and Banking Cartels One Free Energy Device at a Time!". Here is the link to the actual project on Kickstarter:

4- Magnetic Free Energy Device Cut Down on your Bills: they state "converting Micro Electrical Frequencies into Low Voltage then Amplifying then into High Voltage that can be used to power a house". Here is the link to the actual project on Kickstarter:

5- Bypass foil: they state "Perpetual Clean Energy from Ocean and River Currents! Your support will change the way the world produces energy. Help change the world". Here is the link to the actual project on Kickstarter:

Well, as you can see on the projects, every creator has a good intention to its creation; but none of them have taken into account the physics involved in the process of transforming one time of energy into another!; also none of them have really tested their idea, they are only asking for money to overcome the ´huge amount of money to put my idea into practice´. haha.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Free energy projects (scams) on Kickstarter (II)

   Hello guys and girls. After writing about "free energy scams on Kickstarter" on my last post I went even deeper on Kickstarter projects, searching for the tags: "free", "motor" and "energy"; surprisingly I found a handful of those  scams!.
   Now I am sure that the Kickstarter staff doesn't even bother chasing and cancelling (closing) those projects: all of them were kept open until their own end date; but of course NONE of them were successfully funded, due to the bullshit they represent. 
   See below a couple of those scams, most of them in form of "miraculous" motors. Also, I want to hear from you guys: feel free to comment your opinion and thoughts on this blog post and also on my twitter: @embedded_clovis .

1- Magnetically Driven Generator Motor: they state "Hire the engineers needed to refine the design and build a small scale prototype of a free energy motor". Here is the link to the actual project on Kickstarter:

2- Test rig for Edwin Gray free energy inverter: they state "The goal of this project is to build and test some Edwin Gray components in the light of new theoretical approach to Free Energy". Here is the link to the actual project on Kickstarter:

3- fuel - free engine: they state "Fuel-free engine for power generation with capacity up to 10 kW/h". Here is the link to the actual project on Kickstarter:

4- FREE ENERGY: they state "THERE WILL BE FREE ENERGY! THE OVER-UNITY CONTINUOUS MOTION ELECTRIC GENERATOR IS REAL!". Here is the link to the actual project on Kickstarter:

5- Free Electricity Device R&D: they state "Crystal Power Cell research and development. Possible infinitely charged electricity source, aka Free Energy!". Here is the link to the actual project on Kickstarter:

6- Dynevo Drive: they state "A self rotating motor to replace current electrical production methods". Here is the link to the actual project on Kickstarter:

7- POWER GENERATION THROUGH INNOVATION: they state "Support innovation and change the world in support of freeing all from rising fuel cost. Free and clean energy is in demand". Here is the link to the actual project on Kickstarter:

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Free energy projects (scams) on Kickstarter

   I love technology; I also love Kickstarter and its huge collection of useful/inventive/creative projects. I myself have backed half a dozen projects in there (including OUYA). The problem is that due to its popularity, Kickstarter faces a bunch of confidence tricks' attacks (also called SCAMS). As a technology guy, I have listed below a bunch of projects (some of them cancelled, all of them unfunded) promising free energy.
   Notice that I will not fully explain exactly why every project is a SCAM, but you can guess that yourself, base on a bit of physics. Of course you know that there is no way to break physics laws (so far), so none of these projects will see daylight anytime soon. have fun!.

1- Powerful Box: they state "We aim to bring you free electricity after the upfront cost and produce no co2". Here is the link to the actual project on Kickstarter:

2- Magnetic Siphon Electric Generator: they state "My invention uses a series of magnets to lift and/or attract Ferrofluids and converts potential kinetic energy into electricity!". Here is the link to the actual project on Kickstarter:

3- HISCORE Engine Project*: they state "Environment protection technology.Help us build our new green engine prototype to reverse CO2 vehicle emissions pollution on our planet". Here is the link to the actual project on Kickstarter: *this one was suspended by Kickstarter

4- iPOWER by design: they state "A remarkable new way to produce energy. By backing this campaign you will part of a Globe change that our World desperately needs". Here is the link to the actual project on Kickstarter:

And the Bonus one: 

5- Time Machine*: they state "Help me make a time machine, so that we can make this world a better place. If you could go back, would you save her? Humble words". Here is the link to the actual project on Kickstarter: . *No comments on this one!.